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2015 – Steiger enters the Dual Vocational Training System

Steiger signs contract with local vocational school and offers its facilities for training, thus becoming a training company in the newly established Romanian Dual Vocational Training System.

Steiger provides all the necessary facilities: modern classrooms, changing rooms and even allocates its own the human resources to help students with acquiring the theoretical knowledge.

2006 – New Workshop

The new, 1300-sqm factory floor workshop – featuring bridge cranes – was handed over to production.

2002 – Relocation to new premises

The company relocates its premises to the present site. At that time the company had a total of around 450 sqm production floor.

1993 – Arnstorf

Vasile Steiger spends 3 months in Arnstorf participating in the “Hospitanten” program.


1960s, ’70s – George Steiger

At FIUT in Carei, 450 employees worked under the supervision of Vasile Steiger’s father, George, manufacturing boilers and mining tools even for export. As a young boy Vasile worked there too in the summer holidays, then in 1990 he started working there.

1940 – Carei

Mr. Kocsorva returns to Carei and works as a boilersmith and raises the first boiler manufacturer generation.

1930s – Bucharest

László Kocsorva – grandfather of founder Vasile Steiger –  workes for MALAXA, the most important European locomotive factory at the time.

1994 – Steiger Srl. is established

The company was founded by Ileana and Vasile Steiger. They started their business activity at home, in their double garage.

During its first decade of development, the company offered a wide range of products and services, showing flexibility in adapting to customers’ demands. In response to market needs, Steiger provided metal processing services and manufactured various locksmith products based on individual (both B2C and B2B) orders.