The founder of Steiger Ltd. is Steiger Vasile. Three generations of his family have dealt with metalworking.

His grandfather, Kocsorva Vasile , worked in Bucharest for the Malaxa company, which was considered the most important European locomotive factory, and reached the level of mastery. In 1940 he returned to Carei and worked as a boilersmith. His name was issued in the first permit authorizing the construction of steam boilers. He also raised the first boiler manufacturer generation.

Steiger Ltd. history

His father, Kocsorva George, embraced the same profession and practised it at the FIUT company in Carei. His passion about his work was a source of inspiration for his workmates. 450 people worked under his supervision, manufacturing boilers and mining tools also for export.

Steiger Vasile found his calling in the same profession. At the age of 15 he started working during summer holidays as an unskilled worker at the FIUT company in Carei, then he completed his studies in Cluj-Napoca. He worked there until 1990, when he returned to the same factory, which in the meantime was named TRUM.

Steiger Ltd. history archive

In 1994 he founded Steiger Ltd.,which today has approximately 100 employees. Its portfolio includes some of the area’s most significant civil and industrial constructions and is seeing a noteworthy increase in its export sales.

During its first decade of development, the company offered a wide range of products and services, showing flexibility in adapting to customers’ demands. In response to market needs, Steiger Ltd. provided metal processing services and manufactured various locksmith products based on individual orders. Due to significant improvements in 2002, consisting in the expansion of  equipment and human resources, the company accepted orders in the field of industrial facilities. The past years are characterized by dynamic development and our portfolio now includes some of the highest metal structure buildings in Satu Mare county.

The company’s motto: “Quality, Experience, Professionalism”, three things which the partners have experienced over the time.